Exhaust Systems

CARGRAPHIC Sports Exhaust Systems and Exhaust Components

Tradition and Manufacture

Since 1984 CARGRAPHIC have developed and produced high-quality exhaust parts and first class accessories for exclusive and classic automobiles. We offer an ever increasing range of exhaust components for all prestige marques, offering an unrivalled catalouge of parts for the Porsche marque, with CARGRAPHIC‘s unique characteristic of both powerful performance and impressive sound.

Consistent use of T-304L Austentic lightweight stainless steel, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, coupled with traditional craftsmanship guarantees all CARGRAPHIC exhaust components are produced to an outstanding quality. Using high quality materials ensures an extremely long product life as well as excellent fitting accuracy.

The CARGRAPHIC product portfolio comprises complete sports exhaust systems as well as individual components such as manifolds, catalytic converters, silencers and tailpipes all designed to meet our customer’s expectation and automobile requirements.

CARGRAPHIC Exhaust Systems

Complete CARGRAPHIC Sport Turbo back - cat-back‚ or cylinder head back exhaust systems have perfectly matched components that have been dyno or track tested offering maximum performance and sound.

CARGRAPHIC Manifolds and Catalytic Converters

Manifolds and catalytic converters have the greatest influence on the exhaust gas performance and performance characteristics of a vehicle. CARGRAPHIC manifolds are therefore designed with the greatest attention and carefully manufactured with the support of state-of-the-art CNC machines. For example, mounting flanges are firstly drawn on a 3D modelling program printed in plastic and checked against the cylinder head or other mounting face for port / bore size and overall mounting accuracy on approval the part is now downloaded to a lasercutting machine and reproduced in stainless steel, bracketing and system mounting is also done using the same method, all tubes are mandrel bent maintaining a constant diameter, so that the exhaust gas flow is uniterupted and homogeneously discharged. In combination with CARGRAPHIC high-performance catalytic converters, CARGRAPHIC offer 100 cell and 200cell bi-metal and tri-metal versions of catalytic converters depending on the specific vehicle and legal requirement, CARGRAPHIC have there own tri–metal catalysor with a unique T-38 plating providing a solution to the most powerful engine upgrades without triggering CEL no other company can offer this. CARGRAPHIC are the market leader in this field being the only company who can provide a T.U.V. or EC certificate with many of their exhaust system. The other benefits of fitting the catalysors are considerably reduced exhaust back pressure, better fuel consumption, higher gas flow and as a result thermal stress is significantly reduced.


All CARGRAPHIC silencers are designed and manufactured using the absorption principle, whereby the incoming exhaust gases are guided through perforated pipes sometimes into subdivided exhaust gas chambers according to precise calculations. In addition reducing exhaust  back pressure, CARGRAPHIC technicians have the possibility of modulating a sound that emphasizes the characteristic tone of the vehicle model without impairing the comfort of the passengers with unpleasant roaring and resonation.


CARGRAPHIC have developed there own range of double wall tailpipes with a unique split ring fitting system allowing infinite adjustment for the best optical fitment . our tailpipes are available in several different materials, size’s and finish, we currently offer mirror polish, matt-black thermo paint, gloss-black enamell, carbon all to suit your taste.

CARGRAPHIC innovative exhaust technology

In addition to classic exhaust components, the CARGRAPHIC exhaust product portfolio offers innovative technologies to give the driver even more driving pleasure supporting them in the everyday use of their vehicle. For example, air-cooled Porsche models can be retro fitted with modern vacuum valve exhaust systems, using presureless vacuum valves allows the car to be started quietly eliminating annoyance to neighbours and there surroundings. CARGRAPHIC offer many valve exhaust systems using either pressured or pressureless vacuum valves which can be fully controlled via our specific electronic control unit allowing full interaction with the driver, this can also be used in conjuction with the more modern motorised vacuum units where specific software updates can be programed to increase your driving pleasure.

The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound Systems also offer more driving pleasure for all diesel, hybrid or electric engined vehicles that have no attractive exhaust note, transforming your car’s sound generating a sporty and realistic engine sound with randomly generated backfires and dynamic volume, all of which can be controlled via an App on your smart device. The CARGRAPHIC Active Sound actuators can be integrated into the exhaust system or provided separately for individual installation.

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