performance17 21"

CARGRAPHIC performance17 21" Wheels for Porsche 911 type 991.1

Sportive 21" Forged-Wheel Set for Porsche 911 Carrera 4/4S with 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.

The forged 21" CARGRAPHIC performance17 wheel is the ideal partner for the Porsche 911 type 991.1. With its Y-/U-spoke design extending to the rim hump, it looks particularly large and dynamic on the sporty 911.

Fitted with high-performance tyres on request

Together with our partners MICHELIN and PIRELLI, we offer our wheel sets optionally with the matching high-performance tyres. If you prefer tyres from other manufacturers, just ask us. Also available: Tyre pressure sensors (TPMS) for Porsche 911.

Rotary-forged Monoblock-Construction

The performance17 wheel achieves its extremely low weight with the highest possible load-bearing capacity thanks to its special manufacturing process: In rotary forging, the bowl of the wheel is formed with very high pressure, while the forged body itself rotates at very high speed. This procedure compresses the material structure of the aluminium used, thereby increasing its strength. The result is a rim which, with the same load capacity, requires considerably less mass than a conventional wheel from a cast production.

Less weight - more driving performance

In addition, the position of the saved mass also plays a very important role. Thus, the weight saving benefits the outer wheel side in particular, which reduces the imbalance to an absolute minimum. Due to these special characteristics, the CARGRAPHIC performance17 wheel not only impresses with its dynamic appearance, but also has a noticeably positive influence on the handling characteristics of the vehicle.

Features and technical details performance17 21" wheels:

  • Forged Monoblock Wheel with TÜV certificate (5x130)
  • Rotary forged construction
  • Extremly light, with up to 900kg load capacity
  • Available from 9.0" up to 11.0"x21"
  • Available PCDs 5x 112 to 5x 130
  • Gun-Metal Grey (standard)
  • Individual colour combination
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CARGRAPHIC performance17 21" Wheel Set
- FA: 9.0"x21" ET48
- RA: 11.0"x21" ET45
- Without Tyres
Part No. P1791C42190481145 Details ...
CARGRAPHIC performance17 21" Wheel and Tyre Set
- FA: 9.0"x21" ET48 with 255/30R21 EVO3
- RA: 11.0"x21" ET45 with 295/30R21 EVO3
Part No. P1791C42190481145H Details ...
CARGRAPHIC performance17 21" Wheel Set
- FA: 9.0"x21" ET44
- RA: 11.0"x21" ET38
- Without Tyres
Part No. P1791C42190441138 Details ...
CARGRAPHIC performance17 21" Wheel and Tyre Set
- FA: 9.0"x21" ET44 with 245/35R21 PZ
- RA: 11.0"x21" ET38 with 305/30R21 PZ
Part No. P1791C42190441138P Details ...