Final Silencers / Replacements

CARGRAPHIC Final Silencer / Muffler and Replacement Pipes for Porsche 991.1 Carrera 4 3,4l / Carrera 4S 3,8l

The CARGRAPHIC final section exhaust program offers various muffler and silencer replacement pipes to upgrade the acoustic and optic appearance of the Porsche 991.1 Carrera 4 3,4l and Carrera 4S 3,8l boxer engine

Absorptive silencer design: Power und Sound

All CARGRAPHIC silencers are manufactured according to the proven absorption principle, in which the exhaust gases pass through precisely calculated chambers and the sound is absorbed by surrounding stainless steel wool via perforated pipes. This method allows a sporty exhaust noise without obtrusive drone or resonances. Absorption silencers also offer, in combination with a continuously enlarged pipe diameter, a significantly optimised exhaust gas flow and thus a reduced exhaust back pressure..

Silencer replacement pipes for even more volume

Silencer replacement pipes are excellent for increasing the volume of an exhaust system significantly. They are often used to replace the existing middle or front silencers.

Traditional craftsmanship supported by state-of-the-art production technology.

SS304L lightweight stainless steel, manufactured to the highest standards for the aircraft industry, provides the base for almost every CARGRAPHIC exhaust component. Each silencer and exhaust pipe is manufactured using traditional craftsmanship with the support of the latest manufacturing technology such as computer-controlled CNC bending machines, laser cutting machines or orbital welding equipment.

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CARGRAPHIC Sport Final Silencer Set
- Wheel arch silencer set
- SOUND Version
Part No. PERP91ET Details ...
CARGRAPHIC Final Silencer Replacement Pipes
- Wheel arch silencer replacement set
- RACE SOUND Version
Part No. PERP91ETER Details ...