Engine Upgrades

CARGRAPHIC Engine Upgrades

CARGRAPHIC Engine Upgrades are aimed at all enthusiasts of classic engine construction for whom displacement can only be replaced by more displacement.

The CARGRAPHIC engine components offered for this purpose consist of forged pistons, manufactured with special forging tools, which are complemented by air-cooled forged cylinders and water-cooled steel liners, whose Nikasil coating ensures excellent sliding properties.

CARGRAPHIC pistons and cylinders developed and tested with our partner RS-Tuning.


  • Optimised piston made from special forging tool.
  • Desaxes pin offset for LH / RH fitment. As a result of the desaxing, the piston changes the contact side already before TDC, when the compression pressure is only building up. This reduces piston wear and engine noise.
  • Centre of gravity and weight optimisation through FEM calculation.
  • Special bridge version for optimum stability and durability.
  • Elaborately milled and treated, resulting in weight reduction.
  • Deeper valve pockets for use with high lift camshafts.
  • Special piston rings to avoid oil consumption / blowby.
  • Also suitable for VarioCam Plus

In addition, CARGRAPHIC Engine Upgrades offers various other components and parts within the engine upgrade kits which have been developed, designed and tested with our partners in the industry:

  • Intake components including mass air flow sensor conversions.
  • Intercooler
  • Throttle bodies
  • Billet cylinder heads
  • Camshafts
  • Valve train
  • Pistons and cylinders / liners
  • Water boxes
  • Connecting rods
  • Crankshafts
  • Turbochargers

As well as finely tuned exhaust systems with matching DME / ECU programming.

Please find more detailed information under the individual vehicle model.